Lemon Seeds


“When life gives you lemons; draw them in ink.”

As an artist, this statement is easily the best way to describe my life. Whether you take lemons to be literal pieces of fruit, or figurative sour moments in time, they blur into one thing; a muse. A muse can be inspiration for any kind of art, from pencil drawings, to paintings, sculptures, and even text. Thus drawing (or writing!) lemons with ink, and creating something beautiful to get through that annoying little sour patch! The medium that my sour moments usually turn into are a mix of poetry, photography, and colored pencil art. These three things have helped me achieve a lot in my short 21 years, as they have gotten me out of some really horrific emotional trenches. There is nothing better than getting all of your problems out of your head, where they seem to weigh down on every other thought you might have, and onto a piece of paper. It’s much easier to learn the lessons of life when there is a way to clear the mind and focus on the things at hand. All it takes is a tiny seed of inspiration to grow an orchard of artistic beauty.

The next time you run into a sour patch, take a deep breath, grab a pen and ink away. What ever you draw, just remember that you control the outcome of the art. You think it. You release it. You shape it. You ink it!

Thank you for reading. <3

~ ☼ ~

Photo Credit::  http://society6.com/product/lemons-Cqb_Print


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