Painting the Sun


“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot,

others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

– Pablo Picasso

~ ☼ ~

Arizona is my place of birth, my origin, my boot camp…

It’s where I’ve spent over half of my life, growing up, sweating, working hard and watching people try to push me around.

See, just like boot camp!

This dirty, hot, and sometimes down right ugly place is where I learned to be myself. I learned not to fear the future; or anything at all for that matter. There are poisonous things everywhere (like in your shoes if you leave them outside), dust storms that will swallow you (seriously), and the sun will bake you like a pizza (a burnt one) if you stand under it for too long. If you step in the wrong place a cactus might just jump into your skin! Seriously, there’s one that jumps on you, it’s called Cylindropuntia fulgida; a jumping cholla. If you get too close, the static from your body will attract small bulbs with big needles on them, and you spend all night trying to get them out!

IMG_5849 (2)

Scary as this place may seem, it has its perks. Those poisonous little things can be amazing. Like big spiders that gently make their way across your back yard, and the Gila monster, with its bright orange and black skin. Speaking of orange; you’ll never see a more beautiful sunset than the ones that Arizona provides. They range from bright oranges and yellows, to blue and deep purple. During the spring the cacti start to bloom, and their flowers reflect the colors that float in the sky when the sun goes down.


With all of these beautiful things I learned how to draw, paint, and even take some stunning photographs. I spent a lot of time trying to get my colored pencils to mimic the smooth flow of the colors in the sky and the textures on every flower that followed the call of spring (I still don’t have it perfected, but I like to pretend I do). Taking photographs of the things around me was the greatest pleasure though. That will always be my favorite. :)

All in all, I love Arizona for its pros and its cons.

In some ways it will always be my home, and I’ll always miss it.

It has been, and always will be an amazing piece of inspiration for all of my artistic releases.


The next time you think of home, let it bloom into color.

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading <3

All photos were taken by me.


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