My Style


“Drawing is the honesty of the art.

There is no possibility of cheating.

It is either good or bad.”

– Salvador Dali

~ ☼ ~

When I was really tiny, we had horses. I rode a lot, and I watched them a lot. When I started learning how to use a pencil, my mom taught me how to draw stick figure horses. Since then, those stick figures have turned into (semi) realistic looking horses. Some of them end up in the realm of fantasy, sporting nifty looking wings, horns, spikes, scales and maybe even fangs (weird, I know). They were my first line of inspiration, and I still draw from that line.


Over the years my drawings have slowly moved into other animals and even some people. In the last year or so, elephants have been a fascination of mine. I have more fun drawing them than drawing anything else. There is an extensive amount of shading needed to get the curves and shape of every wrinkle. The satisfaction of sketching and creating a realistic representation of something so beautiful is unparalleled.


Now, furry things are a completely different story. Drawing things, like wolves are the most stressful thing for me. My patience is very seriously tested, but with a little time they eventually come out close to the way I want them to look. I find that crosshatching is the easiest way for them to turn out for me. (but they are frustrating so I’m not going to dwell on the subject) :)


People. It has taken me a long, long, long time to be able to do a decent portrait (mostly faces (without the neck and stuff)). This is something that I have to work on though, a lot. I did a few portraits in high school, with the guidance of my teacher Mr. Harrington (best art teacher EVER). None of these were amazing, but they were a start. The worst part is that we had to draw ourselves! People I care about come out a little better! When I’m drawing someone’s face that I care about, it becomes incredibly personal. In fact, I rarely share portraits, that’s how personal they are for me (no matter how bad). I also don’t share them because I’m not super proud of them. They end up sort of Picasso-esque.. haha. But, I’ll share one anyways. This is one of my better ones.


Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. It doesn’t matter how great or how bad you are because it’s still art.

Remember that the next time you start to doodle a stick figure (horse or person!).

Stick figures can be art too!

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading! <3

Art was all done by me.



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