Flying Flowers


“The butterfly is a flying flower,

the flower is a tethered butterfly.”

– Ecouchard Le Brun

~ ♥ ~

“April showers bring May flowers.”

April in Minnesota is usually a time for melted snow and spring showers. It’s the time of year when the grass starts to shoot up, and the trees have started to get their little green leaves back.

That is not the case this year. The winter just did not want to die out and it kept sneaking back in. Now we’re having the “April showers” in May and they are pretty obnoxious! But, yay, the grass is here! The trees are growing leaves again, and finally, the flowers are blooming! Soon the butterflies will be here, and it’ll be camera time again. Spring is my favorite time of year for photography because it’s so full of color and life. I can watch butterflies dance through a curtain of flowers until the sun sets and never get tired of it.

Butterflies are not the only thing I chase during the spring. I find a lot of silly little dragonflies near the many lakes and ponds around here. They are harder to follow around than butterflies and they are harder to get photos of. That of course doesn’t mean I don’t try my best to get them! There is a zoo here called the Como zoo, it’s free to enter, and it’s just a small little place. They have a few little tiny ponds that are rich with flowers during the spring and summer, and they are loaded with dragonflies, and butterflies. I go there often because I don’t actually have to work to find the pretties, they just hang out there! Waiting for their picture to be taken. Camera hogs if ya ask me! But I’m okay with that.

Can’t wait until they start flying around!

~ ♥ ~




Enjoy the spring time!!

Thanks for reading! <3

Photos are mine.


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