How We Converse


“All truly good thoughts are conceived while walking.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

~ ☼ ~

In 2010 I received my very first pair of high top Chuck Taylor Converse at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Bright blue, cute, little bunnies on the outside, and rainbows on the inside; absolutely perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I still wear them today. And I have yet to see someone else wearing the same pair. After a while I found some pink and blue striped shoelaces and they made my Converse even better than they were before. I also have a nice pair of extra high top (to the knee) classic black converse. I don’t wear them as often, but when I do, they always end up muddy or wet.. It’s a sad pattern.

My love for Converse is shared by some of my closest friends, and I even hope to suck my daughter into it (as the above picture shows!). These shoes are more than just shoes to me and my friends. They are a way of showing off our inner artistic style! From classic black, and every color of the rainbow, to flowers, bunnies, and comic book heroes, these shoes are nothing but a painting of your awesome personality that can be worn for everyone to see!

So you see, art is everywhere.

And if you don’t already have a pair of these amazing shoes, go get some. Seriously.

Also, I will soon be getting a pair of ‘Shwings’ for my converse. If you don’t know what that is, they are wings that you put on your shoes (there is a moustache one too).

So, visit for a new pair of spiffy shoes, and then visit for some cool wings!





~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading! <3

Photo Credit (and the people in them)::

(All blue converse are mine, and the baby shoes are my daughter.)

(Red Converse belong to Jason G.)

(Batman and Joker Converse belong to Steph S.)

~First photo was taken by Stephi K.

~Batman and Joker photo was taken by Jake N.

~All other photos are mine!


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