Fairy Thimbles


-Fairy Thimbles-


Fields of timeless beauty;

covered by a violet song.

Sweet bells ringing in silence,

but the beauty wont last long.

Little wings come sneaking;

chasing the bell’s haunted call.

They capture young children;

in the petals they will fall.

Fairies dance with the bells,

twirling to a beautiful tune.

Screams of trapped children;

being swallowed under the moon.


By: Arianna Paratchek

~ ♦ ~

~ ♦ ~

My favorite flower is the bluebell, not only for its beauty, but for the myths that accompany it.

I’ve been reading about them for years, and I just can’t get enough! Here’s a little bit about some of the myths of bluebells.

It is said that fairies use the tiny bells as traps. They would trap passing people, especially children, so that they could cast spells on them. Some variations of the myth say that the fairies would eat the children that they caught. Another myth says that they are associated with witches, who cursed the bluebells. This curse made it so that anyone who hears the bell ring would soon die, or some one close to them would die. There are also several tales of the bluebells being able to thin the borders of time and reality, causing people to get lost or killed.

In Scotland, the bluebell is highly regarded as a flower of everlasting love. Though Britain seems to think otherwise, leaving this flower on graves because they believe it symbolizes death.

Of course, neither is truly wrong, the bluebell is beautiful, but deadly. It is a poisonous flower, but it is said to have healing powers as well, with the ability to stop bleeding, and cure leprosy (along with many other things).

~ ♦ ~

Thanks for reading!! ♥

There are many sites with myths/folklore on the bluebell, but I just chose one that had a little bit of everything: Check it out!

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