Sour Tiger


“The most magnificent creature in the entire world,

the tiger is.”

– Jack Hanna

~ ♥ ~

So, my little sister’s best friend lost her mom about a week ago. I don’t know her very well, and all I know about her is that she’s my sister’s friend and she’s in high school, we haven’t even met each other. But, when my sister called me with the news, and in need of some one to talk to (my sister was close to her friend’s mom), I did my best to be there for both of them. My sister asked me if I would draw something nice for her friend, and said her favorite animal is the white tiger.


I’ve never drawn a big cat before, or any cat at all for that matter…

But this girl had just lost her mom. The least I could do was draw her a tiger. And so my journey began. I started searching for photos of tigers, I probably looked at thousands of them, and started to sketch what I saw. I worked on this until I could start shaping their body and head without even thinking about it (I do this to give my hands the feel of something new before starting to draw it). It took me days to get an image that I was happy with, and then I started to add color. I tried to keep it from being too colorful, but the parts that are colored are vibrant. This weekend journey of looking through countless photos of tigers, and sketching their body structure until my hand stopped working, turned into something wonderful for both myself, and for my sister’s friend. I overcame something I’d been afraid to do since I started drawing, and it’s opened up to new things. And hopefully, the images I’ve drawn for this sweet girl, will help her to get through the roughest point she’s ever been in.

To make these drawings a little more personal towards her situation, I added rainbows and butterflies. These are two things usually associated with a loved one watching over you. Hopefully these drawings give her some happiness.



Click here to get a print of this drawing.

~ ♥ ~

Remember to tell your mom and dad that you love them.

Also, happy Father’s day to any dads who are reading!

~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading today. ♥

Drawing and Sketch are mine.


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