Bestfriends Become Art


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more that you love yourself.”

– Josh Billings

~ ☼ ~

Sitting on my balcony this morning, I saw a lady bring her puppy outside, sit down in the grass with him, and just play. They ran around and rolled in the grass, having a fantastic time! Eventually they went inside, and I resumed my quiet watch of the rest of my neighbors (I live in a nest of apartment buildings, so there are a LOT of neighbors) waking up and doing their morning rituals. After a short time, the lady that had brought her puppy outside for morning play came outside, dressed for work, and got into her car. This woman got up and took the time to start her day in one of the happiest ways I’ve seen in a long time. Not only did she start her day off right, but she played with her puppy before having to leave him home all day, giving him a good start to his day. That’s what having a dog is all about, having a best friend to start the day off with, and come home to.

Watching her do this made me miss all of the dogs I’ve had over the years. Living in this apartment, we are not allowed to have dogs, which is incredibly difficult for me. I hope to live where we can have a dog soon, as I would love to share the experience of having love for a dog with my daughter. Though I’ve gone through my fair share of them, I don’t regret a single one, and I miss them all.

180767_498665153030_1509525_n 183468_10150104970948031_7378657_n

~ ☼ ~

Dogs seem to force the art out of my veins, whether through my camera, pencil, or even paint. They couldn’t care less that they’re being photographed, and they continue their frolicking, and rough housing like I’m not even there. Which is great for me because I love to watch them!

Photographing animals takes patience, and passion. If you’re not truly interested in photographing the animal, whether it’s a dog or any other, you probably wont get what you’re looking for. The same goes for drawing, or painting them. Though I’m not the best at drawing dogs, I am passionate about them, so I find it easier to get the strokes on paper. Just don’t expect a detailed drawing a Shih Tzu any time soon!

But seriously, let your pet, dog, cat, fish, catfish, what ever you have, bring out your artistic side! Enjoy your pet. ♥

DSC_1185.2.pillowsm IMG_1672

~ ☼ ~


First photo: Woody (white) and Dea (black and tan).

Second photo: I can’t remember her name, but she’s an Irish Wolfhound (if you didn’t already know!) and she belonged to my old boss at Windmill Animal Rescue.

Third photo: Dozer.

Fourth Photo: Ashby (Allison’s corgi!)

Fifth Photo: Candy (my boyfriend’s mom’s dog…)

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading! ♥


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