Fingerpaint Friday 6-21-13


~ Fingerpaint Friday ~

My daughter Collette and I are going to start doing fingerpaints every friday! This will give me a chance to do something with her, and make sure she has art in her life. Not to mention I get to blog about her art skills!

Normally I will post a picture, where the above picture is posted, that is a picture of her painting her featured work. In today’s case it is an old photo, since I was full of paint today and forgot to snap a picture of her! Haha.

~ ♥ ~

Today’s Adventure:

Today we went on an adventure to downtown Minneapolis (horrible drive!), went swimming, ate pizza, and some ice cream!

Collette was sporting her pink sunglasses all day, blocking out the sun, though it wasn’t really shining do to all the clouds. Despite the hiding sun, it was incredibly hot! So, her uncle Ted, our friend Mea and I put Collette in her tiny swimsuit, and off we went to the pool! The water was cold, but eventually we were all used to the temperature and started splashing around, having a great time! Ted spun Collette around and around in her floaty, and she laughed the whole time. After hours of laughing in the water, we started swimming towards the stairs to get out of the pool. Before we reached them, a female duck came flying in and landed in the water behind us. As we all turned to look at her, she pooped in the pool; a big green cloud floating away from her. Let’s just say we didn’t stay in the pool long! Ew!


~ ♥ ~

Today’s Paintings:

Collette and her uncle Ted chose blue and red to paint with today! After several attempts to eat the paint, we finally got her to put it on the paper. We ended up with a super cute ‘heart’ shaped painting! She had a bunch of left over paint on her hands so we just gave her another piece of paper, which gave us two blue and red paintings!


-first painting-


-left over paint-

~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading today!

Paintings are by my daughter Collette.

Photos by me.


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