N’awlins! Arrival & Day One


– Hotel View –

“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”

– Mark Twain

~ ♫ ~

At 5:30 pm on Saturday, I boarded a plane in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, taking off to New Orleans, Louisiana. Using a “buddy pass” to get on the plane, I was placed in first class, in the first row! The gentleman sitting next to me was around my age, but he was quiet and didn’t talk to me. The flight attendant offered us dinner, which we both ate in silence; it felt like an awkward blind date, where no one knows what to say.

We spent half of the flight bouncing around due to turbulence, and all we could see out the windows was white because of the giant clouds we were inside the whole flight. Nearing New Orleans, we broke out of the large clouds, looking out over a white forest of clouds below us; the sun casting a river of golden rays onto the already beautiful scene, making it just that more wonderful to look at. Getting closer to them, the plane dove through the sea of clouds like a giant whale. Out the tiny window I could see a lot of water, and people on boats. Within just a few minutes we were on the ground in the New Orleans Airport. I exited the plane at about 8:15 pm, and found it easy to find my way to the pick-up area.


My boyfriend Marty and his dad Mike had already made it to New Orleans, having left thursday morning on the motorcycles, cruising along the Mississippi river all the way here! Marty picked me up on his motorcycle and away we went. It was a twenty-minute ride to our exit, where we then got lost for about a half an hour, seeing most of the city, before making our way to the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street. We’re on the 9th floor, with a nice view of the endless street life happening below us.

Today, we went down and enjoyed the people and art that lined the streets of the French Quarter. There were living statues, tap dancers, fortune tellers, and jazz bands found between the little shops that line the streets. It was so vivid, and alive there. Large carriages, pulled by mules, lined one side of the street for tours of the French Quarter. Being raised with horses, and being an animal person, I was compelled to take several photos of them. So cute!

DSC_1738.2 DSC_1625 DSC_1728.2 DSC_1679.2

One woman running a small soda pop stand, near where we stood, stopped us to say; “you should keep your camera bag close to you, because guys will ride by and take it, or take things from it. And don’t let anyone shine your shoes! They’ll paint them with glow in the dark paint so that their friends know who to rob at night.” That certainly got the point across. I’m not sure how much of it was exaggeration, and how much was truth, but I’m sure it’s happened!

There were shops with african statues and jewelry, gypsy/hippie shops, and a lot of voodoo shops. Most of the food revolves around beignets (ben-yays = french donuts) and seafood. We ate beignets for breakfast at the Cafe du Monde! Also, alligators can be found stuffed in just about every shop.

Marty gave a high-five to a very happy looking alligator today!


While walking back towards our hotel, a sudden down pour rolled in, trapping us in the doorway of a small shop that was closed. After a while, we ended up running from doorway to doorway, trying to get as close as we could to our hotel. Then we ended up in front of a small hat shop, and just our luck, there were umbrellas! We then walked the next three blocks to our hotel, tucked safely under our new blue and white striped umbrella!


Finally back at the hotel, we went to our room to take off our wet clothes, and rest a while. Now Marty is napping, and I’m typing to you!

I’ll try to write about our N’awlins adventure when I have down time!


~ ♫ ~

Thanks for reading!!

Photos by me!


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