N’awlins! Date Day!


“It’s not the one ya see that ya gotta worry ’bout,

it’s the one ya don’t see that ya gotta worry ’bout.”

– Tour Guide Gary

~ ☼ ~

Today started off painfully. The sunburn on my arms and shoulders was so bad I could barely move. When I was growing up, I got some extremely bad sunburns (worse than what I have now) and my mom used vinegar to pull the heat out. But, this sunburn isn’t an Arizona sunburn, it’s a New Orleans sunburn, with wind burn on top of it. After trying the vinegar and realizing it wasn’t working, I went to Google. I found instructions for a new, non-expensive way to get rid of sunburn; black tea! Seriously, just put the tea bag into a cup, fill with warm water, let sit until water is black, dip cloth in, dab on sunburn. It works. You’re supposed to do it just before you go to bed, but I did it just before starting my day. Despite being in the sun all day, my sunburn is about 75% better than it was this morning.

Anyways! On to the rest of the day! Marty and I went on a Cajun Encourter swamp tour. Of course we got on the boat and found out my camera battery was in the hotel room, so all of our photos were taken with Marty’s iPhone. Not to mention the dragonflies visiting us on the boat really cheered me up!

photo 4 (6).2 photo 2 (5).2

Our guide’s name was Gary, and he was a big man who’s first language is Creole, which is French based, and that mixed with his southern accent made him hard to understand at times. He’s never left the area he lives in, and in all his life, he’s never been to Bourbon Street. Though he isn’t well-traveled, he’s a very social man, and his sense of humor was wonderful! He’s a very intelligent man, and having grown up in the area, he educated us on the rules of alligator hunting, and the significance of Cyprus trees and the rules about cutting them down; it’s very illegal. We also met a few of his cousins while on the tour, one of which had just caught about 400 lbs of crab.

photo 5 (7) photo 4 (4)photo 4 (8)

The highlight of the swamp tour, was of course the alligators. These guys come right up to the boat, and the tour guides throw out marshmallows for them to eat. This is obviously to show them off to the tourists! Gary was able to call them to the boat by making the sound of a baby gator(he was pretty good at it!). He also put a piece of chicken onto a string and put it in the water to attract them to the boat. They bit onto it and he lifted them up so we could see their entire length (this does NOT hurt them). One came out of the water less than two feet from Marty and I, and he was about 7 feet long. Pulling at the rope, he showed his strength by moving the boat (with a bunch of people in it). It was a little nerve-wracking, but it was a wonderful experience.

photo 1 (11) photo 5 (2)

Having baked in the heat for two hours in the swamp, we went back to the hotel and cleaned up a bit before going out again. We got on a trolley, on our way to the Garden District for dinner. The trolley actually follows a track that is in traffic, as if it was a car driving with all of the other cars. It has to stop for red lights, and cars could be driving in front, behind, or next to it. For $3 you can ride it all day, anywhere you want. It’s loud, but it’s certainly a fun experience! The Garden District is just that; a garden. Trees have taken over the street and paths, flowers and grass have taken over yards, and vines have covered entire houses. Certainly a beautiful place, and I could stay there for days just taking pictures of the plants and pathways.

DSC_1966 DSC_1989

We walked the garden district for a while, being silly and taking pictures, before eating dinner at a little bar and grill called Joey K’s. I had soft shell grab, and Marty ate catfish, it was absolutely wonderful, and if you’re interested in visiting the Garden District you should go there! The service was also great, and the people in there were super friendly. Prices are also a lot cheaper than most other places, which we like! Also, I felt comfortable right away, it was a great place to eat. After filling up on yummy sea food, we walked back to the trolley and rode back to our hotel.

DSC_2013 DSC_2016

The rest of our night will revolve around Animal Planet and the covers! We’re exhausted from today’s adventure, and we need rest for tomorrow’s zoo and aquarium adventures!

Hope to get some more stories for you tomorrow!

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading! ♥

Photos by me!




7 thoughts on “N’awlins! Date Day!

  1. Sounds like a really fun day! My husband and I are planning a trip to New Orleans right now and I can’t believe I didn’t even think about a swamp tour until your post reminded me! Thanks for the trigger, I’m going to have to do a little research now…

    • :) It’ll be worth your time! Also, if you get the chance to see a cemetary, do it! We didn’t get to. Just don’t take a tour. They’ll charge you a bunch of money, but we found out that it’s free to get into the cemetary, and if you see a tour group, go listen for free! There are tons of things to do!

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