Fingerpaint Friday 7-5-13


~ ♥ ~

Today’s Adventure:

Today we drove from our apartment in Minneapolis, to see my Mom (Collette’s Gramma!) and her boyfriend Steve B. (Marty’s mom is dating a Steve also, that’s why the last initial is there) in Ormsby. It’s about a two-hour drive to get there. We packed up a change of clothes and some toys, and got into our little car. A quick stop to get some gas, and off we went! We ended up having to make a few stops along the way because Collette was being dramatic, and at some point she ended up scratching her nose. No idea how.

Arriving at Gramma’s, Collette couldn’t wait to get out of the car and run in the grass. She gave Gramma a big hug, and then her feet were on the move through the grass and around the house. It’s humid outside, so she was sweating a little bit by the time we got her to go inside. Gramma and Collette played some more, swinging around in a little tote bag and running around the house.


We brought everything into the house before our friend Amanda B. came to visit with her little man Cooper. Boy is he cute! His hair sticks up kind of like a little troll doll, super adorable. We spent a while hanging out with Amanda and little Cooper before heading to town for a little shopping. After we picked up some sides for dinner and some drinks we headed back to the house. For dinner we had pork steaks and some potato/macaroni salad, Collette loved the potato/macaroni salad the most. She gobbled it up!

Today was a fun day!



~ ♥ ~

Today’s Paintings:

Collette decided that she wanted to use blue, green and red for her first painting. The green sort of turned into a sea blue though, still cute!


Her second painting is red and blue for 4th of July (even though it’s a day late).


~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading!!

Photo of Cooper is by Amanda B.

Rest of the photos are mine.

Paintings are by Collette.


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