Independence Day (a little late)


Sorry for this being a little late! Went straight to bed after fireworks, then got up early this morning and drove to my mom’s place. So I’m a little behind! haha.

~ ♪ ~

My Fourth of July started out early. Around eight in the morning I woke up, and just couldn’t fall back to sleep. I decided to shower, do my makeup, and then play some video games until it was time to get Collette and Marty up. A couple of hours later I got them up and ready to get out the door.

We went to Lake Riley to watch a boat parade. Marty’s dad has a friend who lives on the lake (with his own dock) and they invited us to join them for a fun packed day in the water. Julie (Marty’s dad’s girlfriend), Wanda, and I took Collette and Wesley to the beach. Wesley is Marty’s little brother, he’s two and a half. They played in the water, threw sand, and Collette ate some sand… But they had fun with all of the other little kids playing there, that’s what matters!


While we played on the beach, the boys (Marty, his dad, and Bob) went out in the boat. Marty got to do some tubing, which he was very excited about, even though he’s a little sore today. They played in the boat for most of the day, zooming around the lake. Eventually coming back to shore with sunburns, and hoarse voices from yelling on the boat.


We then gathered together, eating hors d’oeuvres and making conversation. There were lawn games like the ladder game, and bean bag tossing. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone play games and laugh the day away, despite the hot and muggy weather. The kids played in the grass around the games, so everyone had to pause when one of them walked within the throwing zone. But they got to play with bubbles, and it was Collette’s first time seeing them. She didn’t really grasp the concept of blowing bubbles, she prefered eating them and ended up full of soapy water. It was certainly entertaining.




photo (2)

Once the sun started to set we packed up our stuff and left the group to meet up with my friend Krystal for some fireworks. We met up in the Perkins parking lot, in Chaska, and picked a wonderful spot in the grass to set up camp. As we gossiped and relaxed on our bed of grass, children ran around with sparklers, and laughter seemed to everywhere. A Qdoba employee, who had practiced a LOT for this, juggled fire for everyone while we waited for the fireworks to begin. Not only did he do well, he had a great sense of humor, and everyone enjoyed watching him. I’m not 100% sure if he got Qdoba any extra business, but it was right behind us, so I’m sure some people got up and went there.


The fireworks were a short, easy-going display. Collette watched with wide eyes, but never got upset, or really scared. She was content with the soft booms and bright flashes of color. At one point she put her feet up on the stroller tray and kicked back a little bit. I was really surprised how well she did!

DSC_0412.2 DSC_0441.2 (2)

I hope everyone else had a great Fourth of July celebration!

Thanks for reading!!

~ ♪ ~

Photo of Collette and I is by Julie.

All other photos are mine.


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