Medium Monday 7-8-13


Medium Monday

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– Ink on Paper –

..:: A pigmented liquid or paste used especially for writing or printing. ::..


There are many forms of ink; including liquid, powder, and paste.

Paste ink comes in different thicknesses, and is used inside of ballpoint pens, some printers, and when printing textiles. It has a thick, tacky sort of texture and tends to gum up on the paper. It doesn’t bleed into the paper easily, and works well for writing and some people use it for drawing.

Ink in liquid form is used in some printers, and some artists and writers use jars of ink with a quill or brush. A quill will give you an interesting effect when drawing, and tends to bring out smoother textures than a pen. There are also fountain pens which are a sort of mixture of a quill and ballpoint pen. They look like, and hold ink inside them like a ballpoint pen, but they have the same effect as a quill.


Using ink:

Ink can be hard to use because it usually can’t be erased, and it might bleed into the paper. If caution, and a gentle hand are used when drawing with ink, the result can emotionally grasp you in ways other mediums might not.

It is best to mess around a bit with different types of ink to see what you like using. Ballpoint pens come in several different sizes, the finer tips being used most often. Not only does the size matter, but so does the brand. Every brand of pen works differently, and has different colors, and textures when it draws on the paper. For obvious reasons, ink doesn’t usually erase from your paper. This brings us back to pencil sketching your idea before drawing it with the pen.

People tend to use techniques like crosshatching, and stippling when shading with a pen. Both can be tedious, and sometimes difficult, making for a frustratingly slow process at times. But in the end, it was worth the long moments. Scribbling is another way to shade with a pen, it’s crazy how many people do it (I’m guilty of this!).

Here are a couple of videos on drawing with ink.

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My view:

I have a special connection with ink and paper. Leaning towards ink for most of my drawings, from pens to sharpies. A lot of my work has been done in ink, and I never get tired of it. There are several colors that I use, but normally it’s black. The finished product just leaves me smitten with myself every time. Ink is so absolute; so fine. It gives me goosebumps.

Here is an example of my scribble/hatching.


And one of my stippling.


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 Thanks for reading!!


Octopus Drawing


Last two are mine.


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