It’s raining outside today, and it’s got me feeling a little down. And of course, when I feel down, I craft. So, today’s fun craft will be invisible ink!

And what better way to make it than with lemons?

It’s a super easy, fast, but fun way to take up a little bit of time, or just do something silly with your friends. Give it a try!

~ ♦ ~


Half of a lemon

Some water

A spoon or mixing utensil


Cotton swab

White paper

Lamp or hair dryer


1. Squeeze lemon juice into bowl.

2. Put a few drops of water into the bowl and stir.

3. Dip cotton swab into the mixture and write your message onto the paper.

4. Let paper dry for a while.

5. Hold up to a light bulb, and let it heat the paper up a bit. Be careful not to touch the paper to the bulb. Or, use the hair dryer on the paper. Once it’s heated up your message should appear!

Here is a quick (not so glamorous) video on making it!

~ ♦ ~

Check out my page on using the whole lemon for more lemony ideas!

~ ♦ ~

Thanks for reading!!

Other methods

Lemon Photo


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