Drawing Jellyfish


“Move like a jellyfish, rhythm means nothing. You go with the flow you don’t stop.”

– Jack Johnson

~ ♦ ~

For the last week or so, I’ve been hooked on drawing jellyfish. I’ve always loved them, and when I got to see them up close in New Orleans, it only made me more interested in their beauty. When I was in highschool there were a few of my drawings that had jellyfish in them, but they weren’t the focal point. Now my drawings are all jellyfish, and each one is different, with a different story.

Some of them are things turned into jellyfish. For example; I turned a yellow flower into a jellyfish, and I did the same with a dream catcher.

Ink and watercolor paints are my medium of choice lately, though I’ve done a few of them in colored pencil. It’s been a long while since I’ve gotten to use paint. Watercolors are one of my favorites because I can draw with ink (I love ink) and then paint over it without covering it up. Some of my drawings are just ink for now, but eventually I’ll be painting some of them.

Most of these will be on my society6 page within the next week or so!

DSC_0010 (2) DSC_0007 (2).2

Hope you like them! Let me know!

~ ♦ ~

Also, sorry about there not being a Fingerpaint Friday yesterday. I actually forgot it was friday, and we were out all day. Hopefully we get to do some finger painting today and I can share some more of Collette’s art skills!

Thanks for reading today!

~ ♦ ~

Drawings are all mine.


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