Flying Kites


After a frustrating morning, Marty and I decided we needed some time outside with Collette. We went to the park that’s near our home, and brought our little kite with. It’s just a cheap little kite from the dollar store because we don’t fly kites very often. However, we failed horribly at getting the kite to stay up. We had good wind, and nice little kite, but for some reason we weren’t very good at keeping the kite in flight.


Collette wasn’t thrilled with the kite, except when it spiraled down to the ground and crash landed; she loved that. She instead wanted to pick flowers. I sat in the grass with her, trying my best to teach her how to pick the flowers without squashing them. It took a few times for her to pick one without making it fall apart, though I’m not sure if she’ll remember that the next time we pick flowers.


After picking flowers and watching Marty continue his attempts at flying the kite, we finally gave in and decided to play on the park. Collette loves the swings, so we pushed her for quite a while. While we played we met a little boy named Logan and his dad; Dan. They were nice, and it was great for us to have swinging buddies for a bit. Marty got to have some manly talk, and Collette had a little partner to swing next to. Collette just laughed the whole time, enjoying every second of her swing time!


It was a very eventful day, and it ended up being nice for all of us! Hopefully your day is/will be as good as ours.

~ ♦ ~

Thanks for reading!!

Pictures are mine.


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