Marty’s Art Skills



Living with someone who doesn’t have art skills can have its perks.

Like not having to share my art supplies.

Marty is left-handed, so his brain is more concerned with other things. Like the computer! His favorite animal is the elephant, so of course, it’s what he draws all the time. He draws the same adorable little elephant on everything, and it never changes. The little elephant is called Nuggles. It means so much to Marty that he gave it a name, and he’s gotten it as a tattoo on his side so that he can carry it with him.

Marty is the definition of silly. The way he thinks just blows my mind sometimes. He’s so intelligent, yet he is usually anything but mature. There are times when he’s just incredibly serious about things, but he loves to take the optimistic side. When he draws something, it’s soaked with his optimism and silly side.

But mostly, they are just silly. Like his piggy.


It’s a rare thing to get him to draw a picture, which makes me love his drawings even more! They usually have no meaning, but they are still cute. Even if they get a little morbid at times.

Silly Marty.

~ ♦ ~

Thanks for reading!

Drawings belong to Marty Henderson



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