Fingerpaint Friday 7-19-13



~ Fingerpaint Friday ~

Today’s Adventure:

Today was an incredibly busy day! Yesterday, Marty’s office building caught fire, so he was home with us all day today. Marty got up early to go to work, only to find out that they were closing down the office, so he played video games all morning while Collette and I slept in a bit. This afternoon our friend Christy came over and we got to play in the pool again. It was very hot outside today, and the pool water was warm because of it, but it was still nice. Collette got to sit in her floaty for most of the time, splashing at everyone. She learned how to kick just right to get her floaty to move through the water. It got hot after a while so we went back inside to paint! The rest of the day was spent at the grocery store, and eating ribs out of the crock pot. It was a busy day, but it was successful.


~ ♥ ~

Today’s Painting:

Collette refused to use anything but green at first, but I got her to use a little bit blue. I kind of see a blue running deer in the middle. If you see something, let me know! :)



~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading today!

Painting is by my daughter Collette.

Photos are mine.


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