Fingerpaint Friday 7-26-13


~ ♥ ~

Today’s Adventure:

Collette and I got up early this morning to eat breakfast and paint for a little bit. She sat in her painting chair with her finger paints, while I sat at the table next to her, painting with watercolor paints. We painted for a while before going to sit on the couch to watch movies for a little bit.

The rest of the day will be filled with errands and then babysitting Marty’s little brother Wesley (who is two) at Marty’s dad’s house. Should be a busy day.


~ ♥ ~

Today’s Painting:

Collette decided to use red, blue and green today. She just put her hands into the paint and globbed it onto the paper. Of course, she tried eating it once or twice too, but we still ended up with a cute painting.


~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading!

Photos are mine.

Paintings are Collette’s.

Have a great friday!



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