Sunday Shenanigans


Our sunday started out early with a big blueberry pancake, bacon and egg breakfast. Our friend Jason came to eat with us and he brought real maple syrup. We all ate our breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company before packing up to go to the Uptown Art Fair.

After searching for a parking spot, we settled for a garage spot, and unloaded for the walk through the streets lined with old brick buildings and tents. Minneapolis has got some of the most beautiful buildings; works of art that are made of bricks. It’s the perfect place for an art fair.


DSC_0917.2 DSC_0931.3 DSC_0972

Arriving at the tents, we found food was frying on one side of the street, surrounded by paintings, various crafts, and business booths. The smells were fantastic, and they nearly equalled the beauty of the art around it. People packed onto the small sidewalks, filtering in and out of tents as they moved along the street. Prices were outrageous on some of the art, but a lot of it was worth the money. If I had the money, I would have bought quite a few pieces.

Making our way through the crowds, we visited each tent along the way. My little sister Kayla pushed Collette along in her stroller. She happily sat there, watching people as they passed by. Along the way we all shared strawberry lemonade and fry bread as we enjoyed the festivities, and the beautiful day.

DSC_0876 DSC_0911.2

We stopped at a few booths to do some crafts of our own. There was a booth with a car that had window markers for people to draw on it. Marty and I each drew something on the car for fun. We also stopped at a children’s craft booth to make buttons! It cost us a dollar to draw on a piece of round paper, about the size of a 50 cent piece, and then put it into a little contraption and press it into a button. Most of us made one, and we all had fun doing it.

DSC_0882 DSC_0893.2 DSC_0906.2 DSC_0910.2

After our crafts, we were nearing the end of the art fair and started making our way to the car. On our way there, I stopped to watch some people draw on a large chalk banner. It read “Welcome to the Uptown Art Fair” and there were tiny drawings all over it from people who had been to the art fair. They had large buckets full of chalk that they were offering for people to draw on the banner.

DSC_0936.2 DSC_0940.2

I grabbed cards from every artist that I wanted to buy a piece of art from, in the hopes that some day I’d be able to collect their work. I didn’t take a lot of photos of the art because a lot of the artists had signs requesting that we not photograph their work.


Artists I Enjoyed:

Nancy Strailey

She makes her own paper, covering it with african beauty. I absolutely fell in love with her work.

Art by Tai

 His work has got a bit of Salvador Dali in it, and has a fresh, fun taste. I really enjoyed his work.

Kevin Eslinger

This man was probably my favorite artist. He had a wonderful painting of Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas that I absolutely adored. I’ll be emailing him shortly to create a tattoo for me of Zero. His painting was nearly exactly what I’d had in mind for a tattoo, and I’m incredibly excited to see what he comes up with.

(he painted the above piece)

Jessie Marianiello

Stray Dog Arts was a fantastic booth with paintings of dogs, a few horses, and even some adorable dog toys. Her work was fun and full of love.

Terry Meyer

“Water colors with attitude” as it says on his site. He paints horses, sail boats, landscapes, and a few other things. His work was captivating, and has its own personality. It was certainly unique!

Michael Gard

His wire sculptors were mostly of people dancing. Some of them were golden, silver, hues of blue, or red. A few had lights in them, some were hanging, and others were perched on various stands. Though his prices are somewhat insane, his work was wonderfully crafted.

~ ☼ ~

Here are some more photos I took while we were there!

DSC_0874 DSC_0956.2 DSC_0963.2.3 DSC_0963.2

Check out Boxy Mouse!

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading!

All photos are mine.


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