Flowers and Tea

I was going through my All Poetry poems, and I found one I wanted to share!

This one was written for a “quickie” contest, and I received an honorable mention for it. The prompt for the contest was a cute image of some gruesome looking trolls drinking from a pink tea set. I fell in love with the image instantly! How could you not? Haha. Unfortunately, we were never given the original location of it, as credit was never given. I saved it because I really enjoyed it, but I was never able to find it again. If you know it, and know where to find it, let me know please! I’d like to give the correct credit for it! Thanks.

So, here it is!

~ ♥ ~


~ Flowers and Tea ~

Oh my, Oh my, flowers and tea,
the sweetest of princess’s blood;
dead and squished was she!

Tasty, lovely, little flesh cakes,
with frosting made of eye goop,
and sprinkles made from bone breaks!

Oh, what a dear, what a dear,
to leave us these wonderful sweets,
her squishy screams; music to our ears!

~ ♥ ~

Thanks for reading!


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