Medium Monday 8-12-13


Medium Monday

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Cameras – Photographs

..:: Definition: An image, especially a positive print, recorded by a camera and reproduced on a photosensitive surface. ::..


Though you may think photographs are all the same, it is not the case. There are different types of cameras, film, and other aspects that make one person’s photos much different from someone elses.

One thing that separates some photographs, are the things in them. Such as pets, stars, people, products, and landscapes. Some types include aerialcommercialdigiscopingmacro, paranormal, and ultraviolet, though there are many others.

The type of camera also changes the type of photograph. They include pinhole camerasdigitalsdisposables, and instant cameras. Within these types, there are brands such as Canon, FujifilmNikonPolaroid, and SeaLife. Most cameras used today are Japanese, though some like Polaroid, SeaLife, and Vivitar are American brands. Other countries have their own brands as well, such as Germany’s Leica and Rollei. Each one of these cameras takes a different type of photo, some cameras use film, while others put the photos into digital formats.


Using a camera:

When taking a photo, there are several things to consider. The focus on the point of interest is usually a  good place to start, using the rule of thirds. It has been shown that our eyes naturally travel to a place two-thirds up the photo, so placing the focal point there will make the photo naturally appealing the eye. Balance also helps a photo along, informal asymmetric balance is usually more appealing than formal symmetric balance is. This means that if you place the focal point off to the side a bit, instead of in the center, and counter it with a few smaller items in the other half of the photo. Framing also helps an image, this is when there are things in the foreground, though not too in focus, lead you to the focal point of the image.


Once you’ve got some of the basic ‘rules’ down, you can look for something to photograph. Look through the view finder, line up the photo, and shoot.

There are also things like film speed, shutter speedlens sizes and types, the type of film if you’re using a film camera, and exposure. All of these things are to be considered, and the best way to learn how to use them is to mess around with them for a bit. Though you should probably read your cameras manual to ensure you fully understand your equipment.

My view:

Currently, I use a Nikon D5100 with a wide-angle lens, and large 300mm zoom lens. I tend to photograph animals more often than not, though I do capture my daughter through my lens pretty often. My camera goes with me to nearly every event, and it even follows me on the occasional shopping trip. You never know when the perfect photo might present itself. Photography is my favorite hobby, and the best way for me to release my stress and tension.

I photograph almost everything, from family events and my travels, to animals and weather changes. I enjoy every part of it, and I hope to share my photographs with people so that they can hopefully feel the same simplicity I felt when shooting the photo.

DSC_0396.2 IMG_7277

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Thanks for reading!

All photos are mine.


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