Who Needs a Smile?

If you’re not watching the video yet, do it!

I needed a smile, so I thought I’d share this video and give you a smile too! :)

 ~ ♦ ~

The reason I needed a smile:

So, work yesterday was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of, well… work!

I’ve got the Blizzards down, so that’s a good step in the right direction, and I honestly had a lot of fun learning to do new things, but, this place has got wars all over the place. Half of the people working here, hate the other half of the people. Half of the people in alliance with each other, actually hate each other, and everyone hates the boss. We have every color, size, and type of person working in this place, which is great, except we just happen to have all of the types that can’t stand the others.

Before I go on, I want you to know just how “hard” this job is.

This job, though it’s a little tough to learn, is not that hard. We grab a cup, put it under a soft serve nozzle, pull the lever, fill the cup, turn off the lever, put a paper collar on the top of the cup, add candy pieces, put it on the mixer, mix it, take it off, take off the collar, put a spoon in it, turn it upside down, give it to the customer. This takes about a minute.

Example one:

There is guy at our work, we’ll call him P for short. So, Mr. P has got some sort of autism, so I’m lead to believe, I’m not 100% sure what it is that he has. I found him to be a nice guy, and all he needed was human interaction. When P works, he only works the register, in part because he freaks out and throws a tantrum if he can’t, but also because he’s good at it, and he needs the connection with other people. Not once did I find a real problem with how he worked, or treated people.

Before long, some of the co-workers were turning their backs, whispering over the headsets about P (P doesn’t wear a headset), and getting short with him. Really? Why do that? What are you gaining? I found that letting P talk to me while I worked, and just saying “uh-huh” or “Yea” or throwing a question in here and there, kept me calm, and it kept him calm, and he was happy.

**Let me also clarify that it’s hard to talk, read the order screen, and work all at the same time when you’re new**

All this guy needs is a simple “uh-huh” and he’s happy. How hard is it to just let someone talk about nothing? No one had the “time” to listen to him.

Example two:

In my experience, both as a leader and a follower, in order to be a manager, boss, or to lead in any area, you need a certain level of respect. Not fear, respect. And you have to respect everyone else.

Our boss (we’ll just say Boss) talks down to everyone, and in such a way that it makes you feel like you are barely five years old. And I mean, EVERYONE. Employees, managers, even customers at times. The level of respect that Boss lacks both for employees and customers is insane. Boss has a way of making you feel like the stupidest person on the planet, and in the end, you don’t want to continue working, you just want to go home.

How can anyone expect us to work, if we can’t enjoy ourselves in the process? It’s ice cream, happy people come to get ice cream, and if they aren’t happy, they need it to cheer them up. This means, we need to happy making, and serving them their ice cream.

When Boss isn’t working, they text the managers who are, demanding that the texts get answered, and demanding that they do things that Boss should have already done. How can our managers do their job managing their workers, if they are being forced to be Boss’ secretary? The worst part is, that’s exactly what Boss calls them. “Secretary, do this.” “Secretary, I need this done.” Then, the cherry on top, Boss then yells at them for not having their own work done. Sorry Boss, that’s just not how it works.

To show just a few of the alliances between people, I drew a little diagram!

The dots on the left are the people who were working during my shift yesterday. I’m the blue, so far I’ve done pretty well with befriending most of the people who I work with, mostly to make work a better place for me to be. Red is our boss, who hates everyone, and everyone hates back. Black is P, he loves everyone, including himself, but no one really likes him back. So, we’ll use P as the example.

The markings on the same line as the dot, are how people feel about that person, like on P’s line, there are + and x signs, each symbol is a different color, each color belongs to one of the dots on the left, and is how that dot feels about the person whose line we’re on.

Remember, these are just the people who were on my shift, except Boss. And these are just when I’ve figured out so far, I’m usually pretty good at figuring people out.


That’s my work turned into art. Haha

It’s a complicated web of drama, but I like it. It keeps me on my toes, and it gets my brain working.

Not to mention, I get to eat ice cream whenever I want to!

~ ♦ ~

Thanks for reading about my work troubles!


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