Every weekend from the middle of August to the end of September, people in Minnesota travel back in time. We gather at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for music, mead, and celebration. People who go every year like I do, often dress in Renaissance garb. You’ll likely see gypsies, women of court, men in kilts, pirates, and even the occasional wench, or suit of armor. Most of the people who dress up aren’t just wearing the clothes, but they have the accessories; belts, pouches, leather/wood mugs, scarves, hats, hair pieces, rings, silverware, and a ton more.

The above photo is of me (all the way to the right in the blue and white) and my friend Mea (with the red hair) with her family (the 3 on the left), GG, Dad, and Mom, and their friends Marie and Alex (in the blue and black, and the Green). Their morning ritual every day of fest consists of getting up early, getting dressed, braiding hair if it’s needed, heading to fest, getting crepes, and then congregating at Mac’s Pub to eat and drink while watching The Dregs sing many of their exciting songs. Mac’s Pub is small, but it is beautiful with the flowers and vines that grow through the windows.

DSC_0938.2 DSC_0953.2

Here is a video of the The Dregs singing Zombies in the Shire. It’s an old video, so some of the members have been replaced. You’ll notice that they are all about having fun!

The second video is more recent, it’s Lesbians in Socks, and like I said, they are all about fun.

~ ♦ ~

With work, and a baby, I’ve only been able to go to Ren Fest for two days so far. The first day Marty and I took our daughter, my mom, and our friends Alex and Jared.  Mea met us there. We spent most of the day watching shows, riding the elephant with Collette, and watching her ride the ponies. There was a bit of shopping and mead involved, but it was all about fun. For the record, Ren Fest becomes less fun and gets hard with a one year old who doesn’t like how hot it is, so we weren’t there the entire day.


DSC_0515.20831131350DSC_0475 (3) DSC_0904.2

My second day there was more fun! Mea and I stayed the night at her parents’ place, and did their morning ritual of breakfast and booze at Mac’s Pub. I got to dress up, and even bought myself a new outfit while we were there. Mea braided my hair up so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it all day (it’s dusty and hot which makes for sweaty annoying hair). My best friend Steph met up with us later in the day and we shopped our hearts out! We also stopped to watch one of my favorite shows, The Tortuga Twins, which are 3 guys pretending to be twins. They are incredibly fun, and I could watch them all day, I’ve seen them in both Arizona and Minnesota, and they never fail to make me laugh. But, they are usually R rated, so I wont be posting a video of them. We also stopped to watch the group Head Over Heels do an acrobatic show, which was a lot of fun!

At the end of the day, people started to filter out the gates and to their cars, so we followed in the long migration from fun to the car. After walking around in the dirty heat all day, that last quarter/half a mile to your car can be even more exhausting.

DSC_0958.2 DSC_0932.22013090795150349


DSC_0082.2 DSC_0132.2

Here are some extra photos for ya!

DSC_0481 DSC_0544 DSC_0558 DSC_0937.2 DSC_0969.2

~ ♦ ~

The Renaissance Festival is my absolute favorite time of year! I’ll be going again on the 29th, which is the last day, so there should be some more fun photos for you!

Thanks for reading!

All photos are mine.


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