Winter in Minnesota!


Minnesota had a very, very snowy winter. In fact, we got slight snow into April, and now it’s still cold and rainy as we work our way through May. We avoided as much of the outdoors as we could this winter because of how much snow there was. Unfortunately, the snow kept melting, and then freezing into ice, causing several pile ups and serious accidents this year. Another reason why we spent a lot of time at home over the Holidays. In December, the obvious thing we were preparing for was Christmas. Collette and I made several crafts and fun homemade little gifts for our family.


The first of our lovely little crafts is of course the photo above. Mistletoes! I just rubbed green paint all over Collette’s little feet, as she giggled and squirmed, before making her stand on a sheet of card stock paper. Then I washed her feet! I took a small paint brush and wrote the year at the bottom and added the berries and a string at the top! Took me maybe five minutes if you include washing her feet off.


The second one:

Family Ornaments!

All you need is a tube of ornaments, any size (unfortunately, dark red, as shown below, didn’t work the greatest), some brown paint, and a sharpie.


First you want to find a place to hang these while they dry. It’s best to have something set up similar to a clothesline, that way they aren’t touching anything and getting paint where it isn’t supposed to be. Once you have this, dip your (and any family member doing this with you) thumb into the brown paint and put your thumb print(s) onto the ornament. You want to make sure they are somewhere in the middle, not too close to the top. Once you’ve got all of your fingerprints onto the ornament, hang it to dry. When they are dry, draw little antlers, eyes and a nose onto the fingerprints (like the image below). I used some red paint to make a Rudolf nose on Collette’s tiny fingerprints, just to add some extra fun to them. I also added our names below each one, and put the date in an open spot. For Christmas, I wrapped them all in felt with a bow, and gave them to family members.



The third crafty gift we did were painted cookie ornaments. This sounds a little strange, but it was really an interesting and super fun thing to make. I got to do some baking, and Collette got to do some painting. It was the perfect project for us! First off, it’s the same as making salt dough hand prints if you know how to make those. You’ll need salt, flour, water, a straw, string, and if you want to, you can add food coloring (but you wont need it if you’re letting a little one paint it).

Start off with:


One cup salt

One cup flour

1/2 cup water

(You’ll probably want to preheat your oven as well, to 200° F)

I mix the salt and flour together well before adding the water, it doesn’t really affect anything, it just makes me feel better. Then I slowly add water in, because you can always add more, but you can’t really take it away. Then once it’s all mixed up and doughy, do what you’d do with cookies, roll up little balls and put them out onto a greased (I ran out of my cookie sheet spray, so I used flour) cookie sheet, one at a time. Flatten each one out into discs (thickness and size are up to you). I tripled my recipe to get roughly 24 silver dollar sized discs.Once you have them all flattened out onto the cookie sheet, take the straw and poke a hole where you’d like to hang it from.


After you poke holes through them all, place them in the oven. Leave them in there for about 2 hours. Then, pull them out, let them cool, and give them to your little one to paint.


Once Collette finished painting, I let them dry again and then painted a varnish over them. Add a string to hang it with, and you’re finished!

If you have older kids you can let them flatten them out and paint them before putting them in the oven. You could also have them put their hand prints into them! You can do it any way that works best for you and your children. Get creative with it!

~ ☼ ~

Christmas was interesting! We had Marty’s mom and siblings here, as well as my mom and little sister. So, we had quite a packed little apartment. My mom, sister and I made a great dinner (not to brag or anything!). We all shared gifts and stories as we gathered for the first time in a long while. We got to watch Collette open Christmas presents by herself for the first time. She was more into having everyone else do it for her though, which was fun too. Marty’s sister Emily handmade hats for all of us, which was the coolest present I got for Christmas. Each of us got something different, which was really awesome. Collette got a dragon, Marty got an Elephant (though the ears didn’t work out, so it looks like a mouse. Ironic?), and I got a giraffe! Marty’s brother Ted got a Toothless hat (Toothless is from the movie How to Train Your Dragon). Overall a great Christmas!

DSC_0363 DSC_0392



~ ☼ ~

Thanks so much for reading!

All photos are mine, or my sister Kayla’s.


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