Because, Photos.


~ ♦ ~

What? Photos!? On this blog? No way!

Of course photos!

Since I’ve been gone for so long, you’ve all missed out on a lot of things. This is me sharing some of my favorite photos from the last few months. After a few hours of organizing my folders and searching everywhere for “that one photo I liked soooo muuuuch!” I finally have a nice little collection to share! The last few months haven’t exactly been kind to my photo hard drive (that’s where all of my photos are “neatly” tucked away). But the horribly messy folders have all been cleaned up! Thank goodness!

Here are some nature shots. I know, sunsets! Everyone takes those! But, these ones mean something to me.

These were taken in Kentucky. It was in the fall, so it was dull and dreary. These photos captured the few moments of beauty for me.

DSC_0779 DSC_0752 DSC_0717

In January I did a mini photo shoot for a friend. It had a kind of pin-up feel to it, but mostly we just had fun!

These are two of my favorites from it.


And, last but not least, what would this post be without a bunch of cute photos of Collette? Boring, that’s what!

I couldn’t decide between the last couple, so I just added them all.




DSC_0780 DSC_0790

~ ♦ ~

Thank you for reading!

All photos are mine!


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