Look, The Sun!

DSC_0005 (3)

Minnesota has had bad luck with the weather lately. It snowed for longer than normal, and now the cold and rain have lingered. Between days of rain, the temperature gets hot and muggy, which I’m okay with.

On the warm days, we’ve ventured out and enjoyed every second of warmth. Collette has become obsessed with seeing photos of herself so she begs us to take her photo. Of course, we love this. She brings us our cell phones, or my camera saying “picture, picture” over and over again until we take one of her. Then she says “Coco” (which is what she calls herself because she can’t quite say Collette) and points to the camera or phone so she can see the pictures. When she finally gets to see them she points and wiggles in her seat, and giggles excitedly. It’s down right adorable. Every time she gets us to take her picture at home, she chooses to sit outside on the balcony, in our big white rocking chair. She drags us by our pant legs out to the balcony, giggling the whole way. Once we make it out the door she struggles to climb into the giant rocking chair. In the chair, she points to one of the other chairs and says “sit” and “picture” because she can’t wait to see the pictures. When we finally get to work, she sits nicely, talking toddler gibberish about her toys, and the sun being too bright so she needs her sunglasses.

DSC_0025 DSC_0028

DSC_0032 DSC_0073

In March we got a Jeep wrangler. While driving it around with the top off, we discovered a new park for Collette to play at. It sits on a sandy beach off of one of the near-by lakes (there are a lot of lakes in MN). When it’s warm enough, we pack Collette up and take a ride to park for some time on the slides. She loves playing the slides. The whole time we’re there she walks in a circle, from the bottom of the slide, to the top of the slide, and down she goes to start all over. It’s her favorite thing to do, so I’m sure we’ll end up at the park most of the summer.

Since it’s warm outside, it was nice enough to stick our toes in the water. Of course we had to convince her to come down to the beach, which took a lot of work. Once we had her down there, I stuck her toes into the water. That got her hooked. She walked along the sand and pebbles, throwing little rocks into the water and playing with sticks. Watching in wonder as the water washed over her tiny toes.

DSC_0147 DSC_0140


After a few hours of soaking in the sun, we picked a few flowers before going home.

Summer time is working hard to get here! And none of us can wait!


Thanks for reading!

Enjoy every moment in the sun!


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