Turning Around in Oregon! Part 2


“I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man, than the outside of a horse.”

-Ronald Reagan

~ ☼ ~

Welcome back! This is part 2 of my drive to Oregon!

Click here to read part 1!

~ ☼ ~

After a long day in Yellowstone National Park, we made our way to a hotel in Montana, where we got a much-needed rest. We spent the entire next day driving through the rest of Montana and all of Idaho. Our arrival at my Grandmother’s place was late, and dark, as they have no electricity where they live. In case you’re wondering, they use a generator for a few hours a day to do little things like, washing clothes, and using the toaster. Most of their things are battery or propane powered (stove and fridge are powered by propane). They use cell phones, which they charge using their little solar panels in the back yard. So, at 10 pm, in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain covered in trees, and no electricity, it gets dark. We had a quick little “hello” and “we missed you” greeting before hurrying off to bed so we wouldn’t waste any day light in the morning!


A quick tidbit of info about my Grandparents’ place; I lived here while I was pregnant with Collette, and actually gave birth to her at the nearest hospital (53 miles away) in Klamath Falls. She lived the first two months of her life here. Having taken care of a newborn baby without electricity, or running water was a challenge, and is the reason I am such a relaxed mommy. It’s okay to get dirty once in a while. Here is a photo of 5 days before she was born, and one of 4 days after she was born.


Anyways, back to the trip!

Once my Grandpa turned on the generator (at 6 am) I knew it was time to wake up! So, I got dressed, and left Collette, Kayla and Dilin in the travel trailer to sleep a little while longer (my mom slept in the house). I made my way from the travel trailer, and back to the house for some breakfast. I spent a few hours catching up with my Grandparents before going back to wake the rest of the crew up. After everyone had their breakfast we set off to see all of the animals. My Grandparents have three horses (Willow, Gran, and Sissy), a mule and donkey (Sonny and Cher), three dogs (Anju, Woody, and Noel), two cats (Hoppy who only has 3 legs, and Stinker), two rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, and a few caged birds in the house. Collette was so excited about all if them, and even searched for the hiding chickens for a while before Hoppy came to say “hello.” She was soon hypnotized by Woody. Woody is an Australian Shepard who was badly abused. He has some VERY strong herding habits, but was clearly never trained properly, as he doesn’t answer to any herding commands (we’ve tried everything from German and Spanish to whistles and hand signals). This silly dog is also a fetching pro; he will fetch all day, even if he’s injured or about to pass out. The second he brought Collette a ball, they became best friends. She spent hours playing fetch with him.

DSC_0603_3 DSC_0553_3

DSC_0858_3 DSC_0947_3

We also went to visit Bj and Rex who live down the hill from my Grandparents. I got very close to them while I lived there, so it seemed only fitting that they would be the first people we went to visit. Bj made Collette a Hello Kitty sun dress, and made a matching top for me, so we picked those up while we were there. Bj was so excited to give Collette her first Otter Pop too, though it took Collette a while to figure it out! She then took Collette out to see the horses (Kool-aid and Knight) before going on an adventure to see the garden. They searched through the flowers for lizards, and once they found one, Collette made sure everyone came to see. She ran around the porch (it’s a wrap around) to find me, and then drug me over to see a little tiny lizard hiding under a table. She then promptly ran to find Grandpa and show him. She had everyone down on the ground looking under this little table to see the little tiny lizard, and they all happily joined her.

DSC_0639_3 DSC_0645_3

DSC_0672_3 DSC_0695_3

DSC_0721_3 DSC_0725_2


The next day, we had a big BBQ for everyone who supported me through my pregnancy (don’t worry, we wore the Hello Kitty outfits). It was the first time in two years that they got to see Collette. I was most excited to see Karen, as she is the silliest lady I’ve ever met. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’re having, or the kind of day she’s having, she has nothing but smiles to give you. She and Collette ate watermelon together, and hung out most of the time Karen was there. But, it was hot out, so most everyone went home soon after eating. When everyone had gone home, Bj and Rex came up to the house for some more Collette time. Bj brought more Otter Pops, of course! She took Collette on a nice ride on her quad. When Bj and Rex left, we spent some time hanging out. Collette played with Great Grandpa a while, and helped Kayla and Dilin fix some of the nails on the porch. After that, she spent the rest of the day light playing with Woody.


DSC_0079_3 DSC_0034_3

DSC_0041_3 DSC_0024_3




Day 3 was all about the horses and family photos. Collette was so happy to finally be riding the horses, and she didn’t want to get off. We all passed her around for three hours, as we each took turns riding Sissy and Willow. She laughed loudly the entire time, and the faster we went, the louder she laughed. Every second she spent in the saddle was enjoyed. It was also a great day for Dilin, as he got to ride a horse for the first time! After riding, we spent the rest of our day on the porch. Miss Collette got to try salsa for the first time, and made a mess of herself. This was our last day, so we finished catching up, and had some quality family time. We also gave Collette a disposable camera, I’ll share the photos after I get them developed. She had a blast taking pictures of the floor, and probably some unflattering random photos of everyone. But, that’s okay, she had fun!




DSC_0845_3 DSC_0856_3

DSC_0012_3 DSC_0020_3

DSC_0045_3 DSC_0875_3

Family photos were fun!

DSC_0912_3 DSC_0927_3

Collette also made Dilin and Kayla lay on the porch with her, so they could watch the stars together. She also made them do silly things, like stick their legs up high in the sky.


Here are some other random photos from our time there! Yes, the second one is of a hummingbird sticking his tongue out!

DSC_0053_3 DSC_0239_3

DSC_0345_3 DSC_0799_3

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading the second part of my story!

Click here to read part 3!

All photos by me, except photos of me, which were taken by my sister.


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