Turning Around in Oregon! Part 3


“A good deed deserves a good hat.”

Dilin Laue

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Part 1

Part 2

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Welcome back once again!

First off, I’d like to explain the quote above. On our way out of Oregon, we ended up at a T crossing in the road, 30-50 miles from the nearest town in all three directions. There was a small pull off area, mostly for trucks, and we stopped to let Collette out for a minute, and stretch our legs. Sitting near a road sign on the other side of the road a man. He was dirty, and he looked tired. On this particular day, it was over 100° F, in the shade. I wanted nothing more than to take him to the nearest town, but with 4 adults, a toddler, and luggage, there was nowhere to put him. I then asked Dilin if he would take the man some of the water from our ice chest. He looked over at them man, and then went searching for something. He pulled out the new western hat my sister bought him in Oregon, put it on, and said “a good deed deserves a good hat” before promptly walking across the road with water in his hand. Upon reaching the man, he found out there was also a dog with him. Handing the man the water, he found out that he had nothing with him. The man hugged Dilin before he came back to the car. He explained what the mad had said, and I instantly knew that we needed to help him. We dug through our things, gathering up as many of the little bags of chips that we had, a loaf of bread, bologna, more water, and what ever cash we could find. I purposely didn’t take the man’s photo, I felt it would not have done anything to help the matter. In my opinion, out of all of the things we did on our trip, this was the best. I wish we could have done more, but I know that what we did helped him.

Now we enter the ride back to Minnesota. This part of the ride was mostly about bugs. Yes, bugs. For some reason, almost every rest area we stopped at, there was something to do with bugs. For instance, the little giant caterpillars we came across. All completely different in every way, other than being caterpillars. The first one we found was a White Lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar (Oh, yea, I had to look that up). The second one was, well, fuzzy. You’d think a creamy white-ish fuzzy caterpillar would be easy to find; nope. So, no idea what it is, except cute! He was also super speedy, zooming all over the place when he wasn’t curled up.


DSC_0411_3 DSC_0418_3

Cute little caterpillars weren’t the only thing we found. At a rest area in Montana, we found a massive gathering of grasshoppers. When walking through the grass, dozens of these grasshoppers would hop in all directions. Collette was afraid of them at first, but she came around eventually, and chased them for a bit. We also saw a lot of bee boxes along the way. Bees are the state bug for South Dakota, so a lot of people have them in their fields. There were also the bugs who were flying in front of the blazer as we barreled down the road at 75. They ended up caked to the front bumper and windshield. See? Bugs everywhere.


DSC_0388 (2)_3DSC_0310_3

Oh, I almost forgot about this little treasure.


Aside from all of the bugs, we had some great scenery. Lots of cows, pronghorn, and fields. Some of the rest areas even had trees! There was another rest area (also in Montana) that we stopped at that had giant yellow rose bushes. It also had giant rocks that Collette fell in love with (she has a rock obsession). She decided she needed to hug each one of the boulders that lined the side-walk. Then she cried because we couldn’t take them with. But, we ended up bringing a nice little pile of rocks back to Minnesota. We found them in pants pockets, all of her little bags, our suit case, my mom’s purse, everywhere.

DSC_0284_3 DSC_0277_3


DSC_0170 (2)_3 DSC_0176_3

Along the way, both to and from Oregon, we saw hundreds of billboards and signs for a place called Wall Drug. On the way home, we finally gave in. Wall Drug is in a town called Wall, and is an old (one of the first) Drug stores. Of course, they’ve turned it into a tourist trap, so it’s massive. They have several sections of the store, and a large restaurant. They also have a small water play area behind the store. It was interesting, but it was crowded. If you’ve never been there, it might be a good stop for the kids!

DSC_0334_3 DSC_0335_3

And of course, we stopped by the same rest area near Buffalo, the one with the big yellow slide. We let Collette get some sillies out for a little bit before returning to the car to make the rest of our drive.


~ ☼ ~

Thank you for joining me on my drive to and from Oregon!

All photos by me.


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