All About the Wave


“We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand.”

– Lady Randolph Churchill

~ ☼ ~

As Jeep lovers, Marty and I always knew we’d end up with a Jeep some day. Last year we got our first Jeep Wrangler, and we’re never going back. But, little did we know, we’d be joining a new family. In the Jeep world, it is custom to wave at one another as you pass by. We’ve also discovered that groups like Jeep Beef (instagram), Jeep Her, and several others, have instantly accepted us.

DSC_0106 DSC_1059_2 Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-54-27

Not only do we love our Jeep, but Collette enjoys it as well. When the weather is nice, we put the top down and drive around, enjoying the sun. Collette puts on her sun glasses and laughs as the wind blows through her. Because of her love for riding in the back seat, she gets excited at the very sight of the Jeep, and any other Jeep she might see. Collette has also been accepted into the Jeep world, and there are fun groups for the kids too, like, The Little Jeeple.


IMG_20140802_181152 IMG_20140801_210409

Waving to each other is not only polite, but it acknowledges the mutual love for our beasts. It’s frowned upon to ignore a wave from a fellow Jeeper, especially when being ignored makes them look like idiots. Yea, it happens. When it does, we usually make frustrated faces.



The Jeep family isn’t the family we’re in that likes to wave at each other. A few years ago, Marty got a Kawasaki Ninja, and we immediately became a part of the motorcycle world. Just like in the Jeep world, everyone we pass on a motorcycle will wave to us as we ride past them.

bike_2 IMG_20140729_101551

Over the years, we’ve gotten used to the waving because we’re always doing it.

Thankfully, we totally love it!


Thanks for reading!

Most photos are mine.

Friends hanging in the Jeep; taken by Marty.

Marty and I on the bike; taken by Jonathan.


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