The State Fair!


“I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.”

– E. B. White

~ ☼ ~

Fried foods, food on a stick, beer, wine, rides, laughter, animals, and butter statues. What else could you possibly need?

This year Collette and I (Marty had to work) spent our day at the Fair with four of my favorite people; Heather, Jeff, Jonathan and Renee. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to enjoy our day with. We started off by getting breakfast at the Blue Moon. Unfortunately, nothing was on a stick. Did we care? No, because it was amazing.

DSC_0089_3 DSC_0092_3


After breakfast we made our way to see the wildlife and outdoor gear at the Wildlife Science Center. They have a pond filled with a large variety of fish, most of which are native to Minnesota. Collette wanted nothing to do with leaving, but we eventually peeled her away and took her to see the falcon and snake that they had on display. It eventually started raining so we spent most of the day hiding inside buildings.

DSC_0136_3 DSC_0145_3


Next we made our way to the Miracle of Birth barn! This was something I was especially excited for. We watched chicks hatch from their eggs, tiny piglets being born, newborn lambs, calves, and many other babies playing. It was messy, and adorable, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Collette couldn’t have been more excited to see all of the babies either.

DSC_0185_3 DSC_0199_3


Once we saw all of the babies, we rushed to the next barn so we didn’t get too wet from the rain. We ended up in the Poultry and Goat barn where we spent a long while meeting all of the goats, each one happy to see us. Near the end of the barn I found three adorable goats that were clearly good friends. They were cuddling together, laying exactly the same. They couldn’t have been cuter! Then we saw bunnies and the poultry. The chickens and roosters sure seemed to really enjoy having their photos taken. I took more photos of the chickens than anything else, and I had a hard time dwindling it down to two!


DSC_0219_3 DSC_0278_3

DSC_0286_3 DSC_0335_3

The horse and cow barns were next! In the horse barn we saw show horses and a few draft horses. Some of which we saw pulling a wagon later in the day. We also ended up finding an Arabian mare who was bored out of her mind, and who loved people. She was standing with her neck stretched out into the aisle, reaching for every person who walked by, asked to a scratch on the nose. We spent a long while with her. She really liked Heather, licking her chest and arms. After leaving the mare we walked through the cow barns, which was sadly not very exciting due to the humidity and the time of day.

DSC_0379_3 DSC_0385_3

DSC_0362_3 DSC_0395_3

 Wine, and beer tasting was another thing we spent a bit of time doing. We stopped by MN Wine to get our first taste of alcohol for the day. Renee got three different types; a rhubarb, cranberry and a red wine. I’m allergic to grapes, so I was only able to try the rhubarb and cranberry. Each cup was put into a hole in a cardboard cutout of MN, which was certainly fun. They were good, but new and bitter. Later Jonathan got beer on a stick (duh). I’m not big into beer, so I didn’t try any of them, and I don’t remember what kind he had. I do remember that he really only enjoyed one, which was unfortunate. In any case, we had fun with it!

DSC_0423_3 DSC_0426_3


There was also a parade going through the streets of the Fair. We watched for a while, seeing lots of fun things go past, and enjoying the children laughing at the floats and performers. They also had a Tesla Model S go through. If you haven’t seen anything on them, you can go to Tesla’s website and read up! They are really awesome cars. We also saw our draft horses pulling the MN Zoo wagon, as well as a fire truck that sprayed water, and a Pedal Pub polar bear.

DSC_0465_3 DSC_0471_2

DSC_0555_3 DSC_0487_3

DSC_0450_3 DSC_0500_3


Over all it was a fantastic day and we got to see a lot of things, drink some good drinks, eat some fun and delicious food, and see some wonderful things!

Even if we ended up getting rained out at the end, it was worth it!

DSC_0441_3 DSC_0434_3

DSC_0439_3 DSC_0611_3

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading!

All photos are mine.


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