Let’s Instagram!


“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.”

– Bruno Barbey

~ ☼ ~

I was one of those people who vowed to never use the popular app Instagram. Then I went on my road trip to Oregon, and the drive home was so boring that I decided to try something new. Of course, I instantly fell in love with it. I used it to document my drive home, making a photo map of where I was when each photo was taken. It was a lot of fun, and I still use it now. I’ve found tons of amazing people on Instagram, people who I probably wouldn’t have found without the sharing of silly little cell phone photos. In a way, it’s similar to my blogging in that I get to document my life on a daily basis, without having to sit inside and type out a weeks worth of information.

Selfies (even though I don’t like that word) take up a good chunk of my Instagram. Mostly they end up having a best friend in the background, which usually ends up being my friend/our roommate Jonathan, and Collette of course.

10670179_10152436033113031_1104422320209054820_n 10612825_10152443166488031_8753282694060473790_n


I especially love to document my time with friends. My friends are the social net that keeps me standing. I’m a huge fan of keepsakes, and that’s what photos are to me, keepsakes that hold great memories. And with them all in one little spot! My friends and I do a lot of random things, from goofy photos, to just driving around. Since my closest friends also have Instagram, there are a lot of silly photos of me floating around. Which is always fun.

IMG_20140819_175803 IMG_20140902_201859



Collette is also a huge part of my Instagram. Why? Because she’s my kid, and she’s incredibly cute. No one has a cuter kid than me. No one. She’s even got her own hash-tag which happens to be #cocollettie. I chose this because Marty’s side of the family calls her Coco and my half of the family calls her Lettie, so I mixed them up. Lots of her photos have our Jeep in them because she enjoys sitting on the hood when we’re outside.

10583936_10152349319733031_212923888938017555_n 10635953_10152426795618031_7769290160315756164_n

10644960_10152438136818031_4200466647535805597_n IMG_20140731_230358

 My city, Minneapolis, is my sanctuary. If I’m having a bad day, I just drive past the lights, the sounds, and smells, drastically improving my view on the world for long enough to feel better. Minneapolis is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been in, and I can’t imagine living far enough away that I can’t drive for 5 minutes and see its buildings reaching for the sky. So of course, it is often shown on my Instagram page.

IMG_20140727_133302 IMG_20140803_212934

IMG_20140831_140235 10580181_10152421115348031_1942138678794775680_n

When I’m not driving through the city, I often doodle (gosh, who knew?) and share it on Instagram. I also share a lot of doodles or finished drawings for my Pippington Post BlogIf you haven’t seen it, you should go check it out! If you’re interested in Kiwi birds, it’s centered around a little one named Pip. If you’re interested in being in The Friend Zone, just draw a picture of a Kiwi bird, take a picture of it, post it to Instagram, and share it with #pippingtonpost and your name!

IMG_20140821_121519 IMG_20140821_122457

Among all of the usual stuff that I post are the random things like food, my 6th gen hippo cookie jar (because who doesn’t love vintage cookie jars from 1947?), colorful things, animals, and a whole bunch of random interesting stuff. If you’re interested in seeing interesting things, you can check me out! My Instagram name is Moose_Blossom and I’m all for new friends.

IMG_20140831_190230 10448205_10152385759843031_7460924288393740407_n

10417525_10152355873918031_5790922405381699875_n IMG_20140830_194843

10622743_10152411503618031_5677444366642950250_n 10522573_10152424390218031_6322513934664903107_n

Also, random journal entries from Marty’s childhood.


“Aug. 28, Mom got an Altoid up her nose. And about one hour later we ate lunch at subway. At 5:30 mom got pulled over.”

“Aug. 29, I shoved my foot in the spokes of my bike and my bike flipped. Then we bought a ship. Then we got Emily a monkey.”

Seriously, how fantastic is that?

~ ☼ ~

Thanks so much for reading!

All pictures by me,


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