Welcome, Fall.


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

– L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

~ ☼ ~

As someone who grew up in Arizona, without a proper Autumn, I can surely say I do not take Minnesota’s Autumn for granted. I enjoy every second of it, every year. However, Minnesota really only has Fall for a second, so I don’t get to enjoy it for long. It’s even rare to get a warm Halloween, and costumes are usually layered due to the cold. But, that’s okay. Have a picture of our family costumes last year. It was cold!

photo 2 (1)

October is a close second for my favorite month (March beats it, because of my birthday). It’s when caramel apples, cider, sweaters, scarves, candy corn, and cappuccinos come back into my life. Nothing beats a cool, refreshing Autumn morning, wearing my favorite scarf and fall sweater with a cappuccino to keep my hands warm. It’s my favorite part about October. Of course there are the lovely fall colors that we’re finally getting, every shade of yellow, orange, and red paint all of the leaves before they fall to the ground.


Here in Minnesota we celebrate October with fun Halloween themed events that go on all month. The two big ones at the moment are Trail of Terror and ValleySCARE! Trail of Terror is put on by most of the same people as Renaissance Festival, and is owned by the same people. It also happens to be about 1/4 of a mile from the Ren gates. Most of this weekend event is filled with mazes, where you walk through and try not to flinch when someone tries to kill you with their fake knife. In its “glory days” when my generation of teenagers was going through it, and working there, it was a lot of fun. In recent years, and under new ownership, Trail has gone down hill, and I will most likely never attend it again. Though unfortunate, it has been replaced by something grander: ValleySCARE. Our local theme park, Valleyfair, turns into a fright filled, haunted theme park for October. That’s right, you’re going anywhere from 50 mph on the Renegade, to 74 mph on the Wild Thing, in the dark, when it’s anywhere from 30° F to 0° F. Yes, it’s amazing. Though the tickets are $40 a day, or $80 for a season pass, this park is worth every penny. We’ve already gone once this year, on kind of a triple date, and it was amazing!



Just a little background about me; I went on a roller coaster with my dad, when I was around 10 years old, and this roller coaster went upside down. On top of it going upside down, it was also my first real roller coaster. I don’t remember the ride because I blacked out and spent the entire 30 second ride trying to escape. Roller coasters scared me for 10 years, so badly that I wouldn’t even stand in line for them. It’s been in the last two years that my fear of roller coasters has disappeared, and I can finally enjoy every aspect of my favorite theme park. This year was my first time on the Wild Thing, which takes photos when you go through its tunnel, and this was what we got.


The weather is getting colder, so we’re bundling up to stay warm. Which we’re all okay with, until it snows. Then I’m not terribly happy with going outside for any reason. But, until that first bit of snow, we’re going to continue to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can!




~ ☼ ~

I hope you enjoy your Fall weather,

and have a spooky October!

Thanks for reading.

All photos are taken by me or my family,

with the exception of our Wild Thing photo which is taken by Valleyfair.


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