Because, Candy.


“But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling:

the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”

– Evan Peters

~ ☼ ~

Yay! Halloween wasn’t nearly as cold as we expected it to be. Collette was incredibly excited to start the night. She ended up in a mostly homemade Elsa costume, complete with an adorable braid. Marty ended up as a well dressed Spider Splicer from Bioshock, Jonathan was Undeadmau5, and I was Undead Rosie the Riveter. Jonathan, Collette and I did a bit of Trick-or-Treating before Marty got off of work; Collette ended up getting a little chilly and tired after two blocks, so we ended up going door to door in our apartment building to warm up a bit. Poor little Collette was incredibly shy (which is unusual) while Trick-or-Treating, and actually never said “Trick-or-Treat” to anyone. Which is okay, it’s only her 3rd Halloween.




My fun didn’t stop on Halloween night. I ended up joining a few of my friends at a belated Halloween party on the first. I actually really enjoyed myself, which I haven’t done for quite some time. We played beer pong (duh) and lots of giant Jenga, which was probably my favorite part of the night. Instead of going as Rosie again, I changed my costume to something a little messier. Same face paint, but my clothes were more bloody, I also changed to pigtails, which I really enjoy.

1391938_10152496982112756_2305567571835301788_n 1525057_10152553068853031_5608638355445129614_n

10698656_10152554073878031_7306104313137910602_n 1939643_10205527041965771_2010592702296698487_n

10653578_10152553025528031_3031591319989287467_n 1505470_10152496981917756_5001440415607719317_n


Oh, and a bunch of us ended up getting into Trail of Terror for free before it ended, so here are some pictures from that. Enjoy.

10731204_10152537390203031_8453592723650604026_n 1560524_10152480356547756_3279351119593539389_n

10511687_10152539155638031_4331028273077604619_o 10647095_10152542279603031_1602340730915388820_n

~ ☼ ~

Thanks for reading!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

Let me know how it went!

All photos belong to me, or were taken by close friends.


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