A Tiny Tree


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone

planted a tree a long time ago.”

– Warren Buffett

~ย ๐Ÿย ~

In the last few months, we have moved to a new city, gained some wonderful friends, and have started a lovely new chapter in our lives. At our new home in Wayzata, Minnesota, we have a wonderful view of Gleason Lake right out our bedroom window! Collette and I have been watching fourteen goslings grow into geese, painted turtles lay eggs, and other wildlife doing their daily things. This new place is refreshing and full of nature.

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Our first real week in the new place, Collette brought me a tiny tree. The maple trees that are near our patio lost all of their “helicopter” leaves, and they started sprouting up all over the place. She picked one, the roots staying intact, and gave it to me with the “helicopter” still attached. Upon bringing it to me, she insisted it was a flower and later insisted I put it water. I promptly retrieved a double shot glass, as it was small but tall enough for the tiny tree. Filling it half full of water, I stuck it on my window sill and placed the tiny tree in the water. It now has the best view in the whole apartment.


By the next week, it went from having two leaves, to having four. Its little “trunk” went from being stringy green, to a harder texture and darker color. Impressed that it lived in a small glass of water, I decided that it was time to get it a real home. We loaded ourselves into the Jeep and hit Home Depot. Of course, as we stood in front of the potting soil, we realized we had no idea what kind of supplies we needed for a week old baby Maple tree. Google, and some friendly ladies in the garden department, determined that the best choice they had was the cactus soil. After figuring that out, we picked out two different size pots. For now, it’s in a small blue pot, but later we’re going to put into a slightly larger red one. It takes a long while for trees to grow, so these are likely to be fine for now. We’re looking into ordering the proper soil, and getting the tools needed to care for a potted tree. In a few months, we’ll be looking to get a large outdoor pot for it. Once it’s big enough, we’ll find a nice place to plant it, where it will hopefully have many happy years. If we’re lucky, it’ll be at our future house!

11240086_10153068631583031_2657881757516275450_n 11214126_10153068698098031_2654497289638167761_n

I find it oddly comforting that this tiny tree showed up when we moved in, and that it’s getting stronger and growing each day. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine in our little home. In fact, life has been quite cruel the last few months. This little tree is showing me that life finds a way, and we keep growing, despite the odds.

~ย ๐Ÿ ~

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All photos are mine.

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